About Us

HR INFOTECH is established in 2009 to cater to the rising workforce employment needs of the emerging market Our reach, scope, and scale of operations have set the industry standard for recruitment and holistic workforce solution. Conducting Job Fair, Career Fair and Virtual Job Fair. Integrity and professional competence are the cornerstones of our organization. We work hard to earn and maintain our clients’ trust and confidence and ensure that we provide quality professional services in an independent, objective and ethical manner. It would not be a successful organization without great people and strong teamwork. Our philosophy, quite simply, is that when our people achieve their best, so do our clients and our business prosper. We understand that the caliber of a company’s staff is probably the most important factor in determining their success.

Our values determine how we behave, with clients and each other. They define what we stand for and how we do things, helping us to work together in the most effective and fulfilling way. This enables us to create a strong organizational culture, consistently throughout the network.

Our Mission

The aim of the recruitment process is to appoint the most suitable person for any given position.To enable corporate clients to gain access to the best candidates through the company’s world-class manpower sourcing and training solutions and providing placement clients to find rewarding and fulfilling employment.

To consistently deliver value to our clients through solutions and services that enables efficient recruitment and retention of human resources of appropriate capabilities and qualities better the anyone else.

Our Value System

We are guided and driven by a value in which we adhere to honest and ethical business- practices, evaluate choices with a long-term perspective, endeavor to deliver results of desired quality consistently and enjoy everything that we do. This value-system is fond of our business philosophy and our professional strength.

HR INFOTECH – We have a well-defined process for identifying target companies where the skills required are available.

Customized and timely hiring solutions to meet client’s organizational requirements. Flexible, accommodating teams that can internalize the client’s demands think like the client and function as an extension of your HR Department. A team that does not believe in short cuts & is passionately dedicated to meeting clients exacting standards. An articulate team with strong communication skills that can aggressively market client’s organization strength to prospective recruits. A team with an uncompromising attitude to follow the business ethics and the systems implemented by the organization. Knowledge accumulation, collaborative research with industry academia and partnership with global technology leaders and maintain the clients’ confidentiality.

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